About Ireland Consulting

Delivering digital marketing agency workmanship at freelancer rates.

We provide fractional CMO and marketing agency services, working on an ongoing retainer or major project basis.

Get access to leading digital marketing agency expertise on a flexible basis and our fully integrated network of partners.

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At Ireland, we genuinely believe there is a disconnect between brand and digital. Most communications and brand teams don’t necessarily translate well to digital. And most web agencies regularly forget the brand story and the marketing strategy.

As a fractional CMO and marketing consultant practice (based in Kendal in Cumbria) we hope to bridge that gap. We blend strategic marketing consultancy and digital project management expertise to fully deliver your brand across all channels. And because we are an independent digital agency we are not tied to any one marketing channel or technology, and our network can support any digital solution.

Ireland Consulting (Fractional CMO)

Founded in 2022, by former Fat Media lead, Ian Ireland, we launched the consultancy to assist clients to ‘better manage their brand and help transform their digital presence’.

Having spent 20 plus years in some of the leading brand and digital agencies in the north of England, we believe in our process and see the benefits and savings it brings to our clients' marketing.

Based in Cumbria, we are commercially focused digital marketing consultancy, working to maximise your ROI through access to our network of senior creative and digital professionals whilst providing in-house planning, research, copy writing and project management ability. A fully integrated fractional CMO service.

You can find out more in the news section of our website here.

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