Our Values

What makes us so goddamn special, eh?

When a company states what it sees as its brand values, the danger is to overcomplicate, look for tenuous reason when there isn’t any and miss the point.

Distilled down your values are simply the question, ‘Describe yourself in 3 or 4 words?’.

For us, as an outsourced marketing agency, it is simple…


Before starting Ireland Consulting, a outsourced marketing agency in Cumbria, we had spent over 20 years in some of the leading creative marketing and digital in the north of England. And as such our experience across all major facets of marketing – brand, advertising, web and digital marketing – means that not only will your strategy cover everything required but we have the freelance expertise to help.


We’re not owned by umbrella companies or hedge funds, so we are completely free to guide you on the best outsourced marketing channel or choice of website platform in Cumbria, allowing us to focus on maximising your ROI and cutting the fat off your marketing spend.


To quote Vanilla Ice, ‘If there is a problem, yo I’ll solve it…’ there is not a marketing challenge we cannot help with.

Our partners include technical directors, heads of brand, creative directors, CMO’s and some of the leading digital marketing technicians in the sector. Delivered at cost.

Client Pedigree