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Brand Strategy - Ireland Consulting

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Selling the sizzle and not the sausage.

'The astronomical growth in the wealth and cultural influence of multinational corporations over the last fifteen years can arguably be traced back to a single, seemingly innocuous idea developed by management theorists in the mid-1980s: that successful corporations must primarily produce brands, as opposed to products' (Naomi Klein, No Logo).

Indeed... so before you name your new gizmo Red Kaola or make a logo with your children's initial built into the design, stop and think about who you want to be and how you want to position your self.

Our team of brand consultants will help you to define your brand's positioning strategy, alongside your brand values, your organisational USPs and how your want to be perceived.

Our process involves a mixture of brand research techniques including competitor benchmarking, brand auditing and internal workshops.

Brand Research Services

Brand Identity

Be the best visual representation of you and your brand.

This is the statue of Christ the Redeemer overlooking the streets of Rio de Janeiro. But you knew that already...

In much the same way, our aim is that any brand identity we create becomes instantly recognisable, synonymous with your product or service and reflects the values of your audience.

It could be the logo device, your typeface or your tagline, but we want each element to be accessible and say something about you.

Having worked in some of the leading brand agencies in Cumbria and the north of England, our design team will not only deliver a brand style that suits, but also one that can inspire and last.

Visual Identity & Style

Tone of Voice & Copywriting Services - Ireland Consulting

Tone of Voice

Language is the armory of the human mind - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Let us help you discover how your tone of voice can help you take command of your communications, ‘own your market’ and better engage your customers.

We’re experts in creating tone of voice guidelines, copywriting and copywriting training. We focus on driving growth and business results.

Our process from our initial discovery sessions to the development of tone of voice guidelines and the process of content creation, our aim is always to have everyone speaking with one voice.

This is one of the main weapons in your brand's arsenal.

TOV & Copywriting

brand management - Ireland Consulting

Brand Management

Consistency is what transforms average into excellence.

And this is doubly true when in comes to managing your brand. Inconsistency leads to confusion and ultimately a feeling of disappointment.

Most brands can look great sporadically. That brochure, the advert, the poster, the landing page, the email. But if you say several different things at several different times, nobody has an effing clue what you mean!

With a rare knowledge of both brand and digital communications, we offer marketing support across web, print and digital platforms, ensuring brand consistency across all user touch points.

Let Ireland be your brand guardians.

Brand Management Support