Skelwith Fold

Skelwith Fold - Ireland Consulting

Skelwith Fold is a truly special holiday park situated near Ambleside, in the heart of the Lake District.

The Challenge

As an important local brand, Skelwith Fold wanted an  fresh perspective on their marketing and support developing their digital strategy. 

A lack of consistency in terms of brand & messaging had been coupled with a lack of clear marketing plan or digital strategy.

With only a small team, Ireland Consulting’s fractional CMO support allowed Skelwith Fold to access an expert marketing consultant on a flexible basis.

Key Deliverables

Our role to date has been to provide Skelwith with flexible outsourced marketing support. Delivering an initial marketing and digital consultation project inc. development of a new marketing strategy and implementation plan.

We also fortunate in being able to assist with the training and mentoring the internal Skelwith marketing team, helping create and plan content, and developing a more complete marketing function.

Skelwith Fold - Results to Date

  • Delivery of Fast Track Marketing Plan
  • Key website traffic stats up 15-20%, revenue up 15%.
  • 88% increase in social traffic to the website

Increase in website booking revenue YOY


Increase in new user traffic

‘We had a new member of staff that was in need of mentoring and decided that, in order to add value to both the individual and the business, Ian would work alongside her.

In that time we saw a symbiotic benefit to both the individual and the business in terms of improved bookings and social media presence whilst keeping within our tone of voice.’
Henry Wild, owner of Skelwith Fold

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