Website Development

Take control of your digital brand, and make your website work harder.

Need a new website or want to improve how your current site converts?  We’re a new website & digital agency in Kendal, Cumbria. If you’re stuck, we can help. 

User Research & Digital Consultancy

Or the study into 'Where the f@ck am I going?' as its otherwise known.

Better understanding the user and their needs is crucial in order to improve how well your brand engages with your audience and converts into sales, leads and bookings.

We focus on two complimentary tactics to ensure that the traffic you generate from your digital marketing efforts converts when it reaches your site.

Firstly we take a UX and design led approach to our analysis of the website. This allows us to identify immediate improvements that can be made in terms of user experience, navigation, content structure, and layout.

In tandem we also find quick and ongoing marginal technical gains through great use of analytics and reporting (CRO).

Simply put, we give expert website and digital agency guidance into how to improve your website's performance. All from little old Kendal, but delivered anywhere!

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Website Design

A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, its not that good. - Martin LeBlanc

Be it your shop window, or the UI of your website, if it does entice you in and take you where you want, it has failed immediately.

We design and build beautiful UX led websites, focused on engaging users and driving conversion.

Our talented network of UX experts, website and digital agency designers and front end developers will create a website that is easy to navigate, says the right things and enhances your conversion funnel.

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Boxes of Content - website & digital agency

Content Management Systems

Content isn't King, its the Kingdom.

No matter what CMS technology we develop your website on, fundamentally we want to give you complete control of your content.

Easy to manage editorial control, mobile access, product upload and page creation allows you to better develop your site.

Any code developed should be clean and robust enough to cope with further functionality additions and 3rd party integrations.

Our team of leading website and digital agency experts in Kendal will guide you through CMS selection, based upon delivering the simplest and most manageable web solution to meet your business objectives.

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Website Support & Maintenance - Ireland Consulting

Support & Maintenance

I got 99 problems but my site ain't one...

Ensuring you have the right support and maintenance in place for your website is as important as it is easy to overlook.

And when you do it can be very costly. We want to change all of that and offer you a different type of website and digital agency. Our flexible web support options and our tailored maintenance packages give fixed cost piece of mind in case the worst happens.

We offer a range of annual maintenance services to ensure your site us always up to date and compliant, and flexible support packs and retainers to take the faff out of those small development task.

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